BADGER CAR MOVERS are used the world over to spot cars anywhere, anytime. Designed and manufactured by pioneers in the field - the originators of "V" Grip spurs which grip the soft outside edges of the rail for safe efficient operation at all times.
Balanced design, quality materials, and careful workmanship guarantee long trouble free service from all Badger products.
This is the basic Badger Line Car Mover for normal service conditions, yet designed to kick light loads of empties along the track at surprising speed for a manually operated appliance. The pushing leverage is compound-a pinch bar action with a forward pushing toggle, exerting sufficient force for heavy moving operations. Badger NO. 249 is light and well balanced, easy to handle to transport. Bragdger Slip-Proof Spurs provice the famous inverted "V" grip for save operation.
Preferred for heavy service, where two loaded cars are frequently moved together, this model provides maximum power by means of a saddle-like shoe that engages the car wheel in a rolling knee-action leverage, the Badger Power King gives fast action and is easy to operate. Less wear ... less slack. Best quality Badger Slip Proof Spurs with inverted "V" grip provide bite for leverage that will move a locomotive.
Prevents the operator's fingers from being pinched between the handle and rail should icy tracks or dull spurs cause slippage. Light weight, yet sturdy, easily installed on the handle of any car mover. Spurs provide an achor for the car mover without which the thrust motion would be lost through slippage. Badger Spurs are made from special alloy spur steel, expertly heat treated to assure strength and long wear. Packed in boxes of six and twelve sets, two 0.5" x 1.25" long spurs per set. Other sizes available upon application.